Presentation of the area of olive oil production

        In order to maintain the high standards of quality Styrax Cooperative has spent a great deal of time looking for the producers of the best olive oil in Sabina Romana.         

        The area where Styrax Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced is Sabina, which thanks to its geographical location has been widely recognised since ancient times for its cultivation and production of  olive oil.

        The area where the olives are picked has its own special microclimate, which is reflected in the numerous botanical species to be found, some of which, like Styrax officinalis are unique. As mentioned before, the shrub is only found in this area and has become the inspiration for our business.         The high quality of the extra virgin olive oil found in the part of Sabina that overlooks the Tiber river has been recognised for thousands of years. It was probably the Sabine people who lived on this land 3000 years ago that started cultivating local, wild species such as Salus alba to produce olive oil.         Evidence of this is “U Livo’” (the big olive tree) in Palombara Sabina, which is said to be 1000 years old.   A Roman road which passes just a few metres from this ancient tree connected various country villas  built between the 1st and 2nd century BC that archeological digs have uncovered. These Roman “farms” provided food and other produce for the city of Rome.  Even then olive oil was used for preserving and dressing food, lubricating machinery,  lighting, preserving wooden objects and for beauty products.

        So for the last three thousand years natives of Sabina have been producing this unique green gold, an olive oil considered among the best in Italy and the world.

The Extra Green Drop and Emerald Drop lines originate in these lands.


The most requested: Extra Green Drop

        The excellent quality of the Styrax Extra Virgin Olive Oil  is due to the type of olives used for its production : Carboncella, Leccino, Frantoio, Salviana and a small percentage of other cultivars.         The olives are simply washed at room temperature before being pressed.

        The individual flavour of Styrax Extra Virgin Olive Oil is harmonious despite its complexity. It can be described as smooth and sweet, with a bitter and sometimes peppery aftertaste and a low acidity.         The oil is extracted by physical and mechanical means at a controlled temperature so as not to alter the particular characteristics of the olives used.


Colour : yellow –green with golden overtones

Aroma : fruity

Flavour : fruity, smooth, uniform, aromatic, sweet, bitter and peppery for freshly pressed oil Oleic acid : < 0.1g  per 100 grams of olive oil Peroxide value:   < 6  mEq O2 /kg oil


            Some of the best ways to appreciate the taste of the olive oil is on potatoes, lentils, chickpeas and vegetable soups. It’s also delicious on fish, carpaccio, white meat, salad and with soft cheese.                      As the olive oil is bottled soon after being pressed it's quite normal for sediment to form at the bottom of the bottle.

            It’s worth noting that EVO olive oil is an important source of polyphenols which increase the amount of HDL cholesterol in circulation, the “good cholesterol”. It also improves the balance between reduced and oxidised forms of some molecules, increasing the endogenous defence systems that combat oxidative stress. These are the reasons why EVO is such a healthy choice.      

Our bottles

Tamper evident Guala cork

        According to data from the American US Pharmacopeil Convention, olive oil is the foodstuff most susceptibile to adulteration. One of the most common cases is where bottles are topped up with inferior oil.This is not possibile with our bottles, thanks to a tamper-proof cork developed by the Italian company Guala Closures, world leader in the production of anti-counterfeit seals for food and drink. The consumer can always be sure that the olive oil in our bottles is Extra Virgin Styrax.


The “silhouette” bottle

        This bottle was chosen from a vast selection for specific reasons: the Silhouette is round and slimmer than usual, aesthetically pleasing and safer and easier to handle.  The colour of the bottle is “Quercia Antyco” – ancient oak – with shades of brown and green, dark enough to protect from the light, which would spoil the olive oil.


QR code for area of production

        Each production batch comes with a Quick Response Code which directs you to Google Maps to see the area where olives that made the specific oil come from.


Printing of Labels

        The label was designed to express the beauty of simplicity. As well as the normal high quality printing we needed a special type of screenprint to create the raised lettering to write “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in Braille, so it can be identified by the blind or visually impaired. The screen print includes a surround and leaf and in raised print.

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